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what should i do?

my 3 year old son has recently been trying to grab and kiss my breasts. i dont know if this is normal or if i should be worried. i have told him that it is wrong and that grown ups dont do that with children. and that if anyone tries to do anything like that to tell me but i am still worried
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You are assuming his attention is sexual. It isn't. He is at a touch-feely age and your breasts are nice and soft. There is nothing to worry about and his behavior is not "wrong," but merely inappropriate. There is nothing to worry about.
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Just say "Quit tweaking me, here's how it feels," and tweak his nipple.  
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hahah  thats a good one Annie ... well I have seen this a lot it usually happens when Moms breast feed later ,allinmarbles is right it isnt wrong, hes still feeling like he is a baby at times...he loves his Mom  all is well, he may have seen another Mom feeding her Baby ...
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thank alot guys that makes me feel alot better
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