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when to start kindergarten

My sons birthday is December 14 the and the law in AZ where I live is they must be 5 by September 1 to start kindergarten. Now obviously my son misses that by a couple months. But you can meet with the district and they can asess the child to see if he would be able to start that school rather than wait till the following year. So my question is when would you start your kids? This year or hold them back a year? Obviously I wouldn't send him if he didn't have the basics of what they need ( educationally) before he was to start. And I don't think that being only a few months younger when starting school that he would be at a diff maturity level.. I've talked to my m.I. l and she flipped out saying this year would be too soon he's too young. But mind you this is the same lady who didn't like the idea of pt preschool ( 1-3 days a week for a few hours). But I think her issue is she just has a hard time with him growing up.  
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I'm really opinionated on this.  I would absolutely hold him if he is a Dec. birthday A Dec. birthday is middle of the pack.  My son is a December birthday and has just the right amount his age, older than him and younger than him.  Your son would be the youngest.  And that is a rough gig.  It shows up year after year in different ways throughout their school career.  First in ways that make him more immature than the other kids in kindergarten and first grade.  Then as he gets older, same thing. He'd be 14 when his peers are 15 turning 16.  BIG big difference.  Playing things like sports are trickier when you are younger than your peers.  I just think it is a bad idea to start kids too early.  And say he does have a bad start just because he is a little bit younger ----  what will his impression be of school.  We should try to start our kids off in a way that has the best chance for them to feel successful.

so, I'd wait until he is 5 turning 6 to begin kindergarten.  

By the way, our school district, a blue ribbon rated excellent school, says the key factor in starting kids early has nothing to do with education.  They discourage it for social reasons.  good luck
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   I agree with specialmom completely.  And as a retired elementary school principal who has seen it happen.  I think it is one of the worst things that you could do to your son (for all of the reasons that specialmom posted - plus a few others).
  Oh, and most states have done the research and found that the early cutoff days are the best.  
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I totally agree with the other two.  

Put him in the year the school district has designed for children his age.

Otherwise,  as they say,  he will be at least a full year younger than the average age of kids in his class.

In our school district I don't think it's allowed to put kids in ahead of their age,  but many are held back who are born at the end of the year period so they won't go through their whole school career being the youngest in the class.

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I was in the same dilemma as you are.  My son is a January baby, and where I live they must turn 5 during the school year.  So we were going to start him at 4 thinking it would be a really good thing for him.  He is a very bright kid.  After hearing advice from the folks here, and then doing my own research based on their comments, we have decided to wait that extra year.  There is a ton of evidence showing that kids do much better long term if they are amongst the older group then  the younger.  Especially as they get into the higher grades, and based on what I read, especially for boys.  There is no downside to waiting, but there can be quite a few negatives with starting to early.  Best of luck in your decision.
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You have a son. Boys are slower to mature than girls which is why girls excel in the early years of schooling.  In Sweden they take account of this, and boys start school one year later than girls. Waiting until next year is not a question of "holding him back." What is the rush, anyway? Next year he will be on a par, more or less, with the girls.
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