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why does my daughter only play w/boys and boy toys?

I'm wondering if i should be concern about my four year old daughter? she only wants to play with boy toys and
gets upset when i ask her about boys and if she wants to be a boy.she usually will ask  if I'm going to get mad!
I'm really scared can someone help?
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Maybe she likes the way boys play - they tend to play very actively,  without a whole lot of communication,  and girls in general tend to play less actively but communicate more.  As she gets older the social stigma that comes from playing with boys only will probably encourage her to develop more girl friends - but it sounds like she's enjoying the friends she has very much right now.

What are you "really scared" about?
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she might be a tom-boy.You know some girls love boy toys its not bad or anything.She might get over it as a adult.
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Hello, my 4 year old daughter is doing this too and has been saying she is a boy since she was 2.5 yo. I am wondering if anything came of this or if you still have a daughter? Many thanks.
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