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I met with my 3yr preschool teacher and she had some concerns about my son, she says that he wonders off and start playing with toys when he suppose to be in a circle with the other kids she says he dont focus on the task at hand but get easily distracted. She says that he can follow directions and do what he suppose to do if he is supervised by a teacher she banned him from field trips saying unless someone come he cant go because he just takes off from the line if he see something interesting to him. Now she requested that i get him evaluated. should i do this or is something i can do at home what should i do? Im so stressed!
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I would think the pre school Teacher would be observing all the time sounds like she is putting the issue back on you, hes only 3 years old,maybe they should be observing more, I wonder how many kids top each Teacher there are, it doesnt sound like he needs evaluating yet if he shows a lot more distraction you perhaps would put your own mind at rest to ask a councillor.or chanmge your school.
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3 years old is too young to be evaluated for anything unless he is very behind in his development and/or showing very strong emotional/ aggressive tendencies. Most 3 year olds can't pay attention for very long.

It sounds like a very structured preschool. Perhaps something less structured would work for him.
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