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wot do i do?

As like one of ure other clients i to have problems with my son getting out of bed and going to school, he used to run away from home so ended up that the police and social workers he is now 13 years old he had appointments with a mental health clinic which he attended  then after 6 months it was  stopped, then he had a befriender that only lasted a short while too.He was the centre of bullying at his school which the teachers tried to sort out but that didnt last,i have now put him to a new scool 1/2 way through 2nd year and he still refuses to go i  get things thrown at me get verbal abuse, his new school said try and take him in tomorrow but i know how thats goin to end.,she said if he doesnt go to call the childrens panel. He is a very bright boy top of most of his classes so i dont know where i am goin wrong, i have two other children aged 11 and 8 years, my 8 yr old daughter puts up with his bullying and verbal abuse shes always in tears, we r all walking on eggshells with him im a divorced mum and dads not much help............please help us.xx

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Does your city have a Big Brothers/Big Sisters chapter?
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Not easy is it, I also think that some male person in your boys life would help is there no Dad,Granpa or Uncle  could help you, and perhaps to could enquire about mentoring. As for going to schoo;l, most children hate to be rushed in the morning when they are half asleep, so get him to bed a bit earlier, and get him up early so he has time to get ready for school with no hassle.Have you an idea why he ran away from home,as perhaps there were problems starting there , also bullying can be very upsetting and its a pity the school didnt get a handle on that.Focus on his positive side and praise him when you see him doing something right, as you have 2 other children does this son get the same amount of attention they do or could there be jealousy issues, it may help you to look at the family dynamics,Instead of calling a Panel how about you see if some exta care and attention would help him,  when he makes  a fuss it may work if you dont feed into it as it can escallate that way. Good luck
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The problem here is that he needs a male figure in his life.  Does your city have mentors?  
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