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18 month old wont eat and under weight

my 18 month old child is under weight his weight is 19 pounds.  he was not always a big eater even when
he was born i thought he was fine every one in my family and my husbands family are very small.  i was concerned because all my friends kids are very big kids.  so i brought it up to my doctors and they said he under weight and has been off the chart since he was 4 month old. why didn't they say something then instead of me having to ask?  now they want to give him 6 months to grow and put him on a growth hormone and if that does not work a feeding tube.  i really dont think he needs that stuff he healthy does everything normal like any other child he just no a big eater.  my husband doctor has been taken care of their side of the family since they were little and said my sons fine   i just dont know what to do can someone help me
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Your son is below the percentile for his height and weight for his age, however, it maybe genetic as you stated. If the family is of small statue then there is high probability that the children would be small too. If he is eating not that well, suggest giving him Pedisure or Carnation Instant Breakfast in place of his milk for extra calories and protein. Thank you for your question.
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My son has always been on the smaller side. He is also 18 months old and weighs 20 1/2 pounds and is 31 3/4 in tall. My husband was a small baby. He was only 28 in and 18 pounds when he was a year. My docter said that he is perfectly fine and as long as he is reaching all his milestones and is active. I feel the same way you do about how everyones elses kids are twicw his size and the same age. My husband is now 5'9 and perfectly healthy so I would not worry about giving an 18 month old growth hormones I think those dr"s are ridiculous. Give the kid a chance to grow. Some kids dont reach their full height until they are teenagers.
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