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3 month old not gaining enough weight

My daughter was born on 2/2/09 at 9 lbs 22.5 inches.  I breastfeed her and she gained very well the first month.  After that she gained only a pound a month, and now it seems like she's only gaining 2 ounces a week, so that her weight gain is slowing.  She seems to have reflux, and I have tried zantac, but it doesn't seem to help.  I've seen a lactation consultant and neither her latch nor my supply seem to be problems.  She sleeps often and it's hard to rouse her to eat.  In the early afternoon, she begins to refuse to eat and eats only sparingly.  I've tried supplementing with formula but she refuses this, and does not do well with the bottle in general.  Next week I have to return to work and she is going to daycare.  Because she doesn't like the bottle, I'm worried she'll lose even more weight.  I've seen 3 pediatricians, and each recommended formula supplementation.  This is not working.

What else can I go to try and get her to eat?
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