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All baby food causing painful gas

My five month old daugther gets horrible, painful, gas everytime we try stage 1 baby food. I have tried rice cereal, peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatos, prunes and apple sauce. The only baby food she can tolerate is single grained oatmeal. I have bought all the brands and made my own. I will give her just 4 small spoonfuls once a day to test her and we are battling gas all day and night. We had a similar issue with her formula until I tried soy Similac. She continued to have gas but, it was manageable. She also has reflux. She is on medication for the reflux, we feed her upright and small portions, burp often. We use Mylicon and Gripe Water. On the days we do not give her baby food, just formula she will sleep through the night and her gas is milder and manageable. Will she grow out of this or does this indicate a more serious problem?
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Some children do out grow it. She is 5 months old and seems to do very well with infant formula as you stated. Her weight is on the 90th percentile and her height is on the 50th percentile for her age. Suggest just feeding her only infant formula (increase the formula amount if you can) and no baby food for a few more months. The above feeding method follows how some breast feed infants are feed only breast milk until about 9 months old then are introduced regular finger foods.  At about 6 months old, then slowly reintroduce foods and see how she does. Hoped this helped you.
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My son has always had painful gas issues with his bottle of formula and now we have moved him onto baby food and formula, because he never fills up any more ...he also gets cereal twice a day.  He is having painful gas and alot of poopy diapers now.  He spits up alot also.  I was wondering if you could tell me what to do.  We have always gave him gas drops and changed his bottles and they were working for a while, now we are getting gas again.  BTW my son is 41/2 months.
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