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Bottle during the night

My two year old boy is still drinking 4 botles of 125ml milk during the night at19:00 this is when he goes to bed and then at 22:00; 24:00 and at 03:00. this causes him to use up to 4 dypers a night.  if i don't stand up and give him milk or tea to drink he cries and sometime walks to my bed and gets in bed with me.  if i take him back he will come back again.  if i give him a litle bit of water to drink he cries that it's cold. He eats at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and then sometimes at 6 o'clok he will eat a little, sometimes nothing.  This is very difficult for me because i want to start potty training as well. i realy do not know what to do with him. could you please give me some advise.
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His weight is between the 25th-10th percentile for his age. As a guideline for a 24 month old child should eat daily the following: Dairy 4 feedings a day – Milk (4oz), cheese (½ oz), yogurt (½ cup), or cottage cheese (¼ cup). Starch 4 feedings a day – Cereal (¼ cup), pasta (¼ cup), rice (¼ cup), bread (½ slice), or crackers (2). Fruits & Vegetables 4 feedings a day – Fruits (including 100% juice limited to only 4-6ozs) & Vegetables (¼ cup). Protein source 2 feedings a day – Meat or fish (1oz), egg (1), or beans (¼ cup). He should eat 3 meals and have snacks between meals using the foods above to be spread out throughout the day. Suggest giving him a late dinner and a snack before bed so hopefully he may not drink so much at night and you can start to wean him off the bottle at night.
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