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I have a few questions, but here is a brief summary of my daughter and the problem. She is 20 weeks old and she was getting constipated so I started putting Karo syrup in her formula [1 tsp per bottle] and switched her to Low-iron Similac. Is that okay?

Also, she is still up twice a night, how much longer will that last? The final thing I'm wondering is about her does of inactivated poliovirus vaccine because I was told I have to get it before my daughter can.

My daughter was having two bowel movements per day until about 2 weeks ago, she went 2 days with out a BM and still strains at times.

I just stopped nursing 2-3 weeks ago, could that be having an affect on her digestion?

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The formula with iron does constipate some infants. I do not recommend you put Karo syrup in her formula. That will not help constipation at all and it is putting sugar into her body. Infants feed breast-milk will have more bowel movements then with formula. The low-iron formula may help. How often is she feeding during the day and how much formula is she consuming? I would be able to recommend how much formula to give her if I knew her weight. If she is feeding every 2-3 hours, you may want to increase her formula by a few ounces. That may help her sleep more at night. Best of luck.
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