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Dairy & Sugar, is it bad for ADHD?

Hi there,
I have 4-years & 5-years boys, they are active, agressive, impulsive, always hitting and fighting together and with others peers at school and at family at all .. they put me always in embarrassing situations !
Me and their father tried a lot to control them, so when we went to on doctor here in Kuwait, she said that they are almost ADHD and need to change their food (No dairy No Sugar) and she asked for retalin but we didnt agree !
cuz of the side effects i heared about it

First i done all what she said and give them all organic also, soya milk, or rice milk, soy chees, make special bread for them without sugar, no chocolates or candys or ice-cream, all healthy vigtable and fruites and fresh juices, and brown rice .. we have been in that system around 6 months with many supplements like magnisum and omega 3 and calsium .. etc (i stopped it all)

but nothing change in their activity ! they still hyper active and same problems was there, over that i was tierd to keep these forbidden food away in every where !

my question is :
is the milk or dairy bad for ADHD?
is the sugar also?

now, they eat normal bread which white sometimes or brown but they wrote on it that there is sugar on it
and drink juices which they wrote on it no sugar (orange, apple, orange with carrots)
eat dairy chees only
the milk only on the evening and (half fat) not skimmed and not full fat, i afraid to give them in the morning cuz i thought maybe it make them crazy at school
candy, chocolate, ice-cream only 2 days a week (on the week end)

I dont know is their food are healthy and give them what they need
is there is a schedual with what child in this age need from vitamins and where i can found it in the food
so it become easy to arrange their food for every day
plz help me in that

Mother of Muath(5) & Omar(4)
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Research has shown that a no sugar / dairy diet really has no affect on the behavior of ADHD children. Treatment is behavioral methods and medications, if necessary.
For their age they should consume about 1000 calories a day as follows for the day:
1 cup Fruit
1 cup Vegetables
3 ozs Grains / starches
2 ozs Meat and / or Beans
2 cups Milk
3 teaspoons oil
165 calories of discretionary allowance
The above is broken up to equal the 3 meals a day and snacks between meals.
Hope this helped you.
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