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Dropping on chart for height

Our daughter's height has been slowly dropping on her growth chart. Over the period of 2 years, she has gone from 95% down to 10%. The progression has been this:

Birth: 95%
3 months: 50%
6 months: 45%
12 months: 25%
20 months: 15%
2 years: 10%

She had serious health issues when born (two heart defects, heart failure, failure to thrive with weight) but these have all been resolved for over a year. She appears in good health (has some lingering hypotonia), and she's gaining weight - her weight is the one thing that has been climbing, she is 25 months now and 25 lbs. She is continuing to grow in height, but slowly (at 2 she was 32.5"), she's dropping all the time on the chart.

So is this normal? Is she just going to be petite? Or is this something that needs lookng into? I should mention I am 5'5 and her father is 6'1
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It is good to hear she is gaining weight. She has been through a lot in the short amount of time in her life. If she continues to not grow, suggest having her blood and hormone levels checked. Thank you for your question.
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I wanted to correct, her progression was:

Birth: 20.75" - 97%   (we're in Canada, so we use the WHO Canada charts)
6 weeks: 22.25" - 60-65%
3 months: 23.25 - 45%
6 months: 25.5 - 45%
12 months: 28.5 - 40%
15 months: 30" - 30%
18 months: 31" - 20%
20 months: 31.25" - 15%
24 months: 32.25" - 10%

If you go from birth she has crossed 3 lines, from 6 weeks, 2 lines. I also wanted to add that it seems that her weight has really started going up. At 12 months she was 18.5 lbs, which gave her a weight for length of just shy of 50%, at 18 months she was 20.5 lbs, still around 45%, and now at 24 months, she's 25 lbs (she put on 5 lbs in the last 6 months), which is JUST below the 85% line.

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