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Eating disorder

HELP!!! I have a 32 month old little boy w/ sever eating disorders. @ 3 wks old he was diagnosed w/ Acid reflux & placed on special formula w/ vitamins & cereal in the formula. His gigging & vomitting slowed down dramaticly. I learned my breast milk  was thin & made him vomit due to his reflux. He would spit up so severly that he was have vomit clogging all his airways & have to be cleared to breath. By age 1 we were releived when this refulx clamed down as we tried to move to solids. Becuase of his stomach problems he wasn't introduced to solids untill around 9-10months.. as norm developed babies would be gearing toward table solids. by 15months he was ajusting to stage 3 chucky baby foods.. & that is where he has stayed. My Pedi doesn't seemed concerned, but always explains he is in the 5th precentile for being UNDER weight in his age.

The pedi has placed him on toddler shakes as apart of he daily deit but still not gain. He just seems to be maintaining his weight. He has been about 22-23 lbs since he was 15months. & still wears 12-18months clothings even though he will turn 3yrs old this yr. PLEASE HELP I want to create a meals he might want to try or be interested in!!!  Is there any cook books r food I can blend into his drinks to faten him up the right way???

I also try to offer him food ever 2-2.5 hrs since he doesn't eat normal meals.  I hve 4 kids in all & this lil guy is my picky eater! I have never faced this kind of concern before so if you have experiance w/ this situation please enlighten me!! Thank you and stay blessed :)

So we have not tried grinding up every meal I prepare and attempt to serve it to him. The only foods he will eat  are as follows: Oatmeal, Cream a Wheat, Mashed potateos, Frys, mashed beans any flavor, yogurt, Ice cream,  mashed & grinded chicken w/ gravy,  but Frys & Cherios are the only foods he will  eat & likes in its natrual form. slices of apples, veggies, eggs, cheese, breads, fruits & meats he will not even touch.  
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He may need to learn how to chew and swallow food. Some children just do not know how to do it and need to be taught. They need to learn how to chew and shallow food properly; it is not really an instinct behavior like sucking. Has he been evaluated on how to chew food? If not, then suggest getting him evaluated, by going to your MD, and start therapy so he can start to eat regular food. Suggest giving him either Pediasure or milkshakes (milk and ice cream blended) in place of milk at all meals and snacks for additional calories and protein to help him gain weight.
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Thank You I will try this!!! I am so excited to finally get a starting point for my sons health!!!
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