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Eating issues

I provide daycare for my cousins daughter, who is the child I will be referring to. SHe is now 3 years old and 29.5 lbs. She have never been an eater. Both parents openly admit they messed up when feeding started with baby food by thinking that cause she spit it out once she didn't like it and they never made her try it again. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are a battle beyond words. She refuses to eat unless it what she says she wants or will say I will eat 2 bites and thats it. One day she eats something and loves it but then a couple days later she refuses, spits it out, spits it in my face, gags on it, will chew it but not swallow it, hord it in her mouth and vomit. She won't try new food and eat absolutely NO veggies at all. Not a single one, doesn't really like fruit or sweets, and doesn't eat meat. We have tried so many different approaches but nothing is working and we are all very frustrated. We have tried the reward system, talking nice, getting angry, saying she doesnt get anything else, taking away priviledges lik painting and crafts, time outs, ignoring the problem, ignoring her during eating times etc etc. ANother things when she gets a bite in her mouth she chews and chews and chewa the food til its almost non existant. It has now gotten to the point where I have to feed my child seperate from her cause my daughter is trying to get away with what Hailey does. As I understand that there are foods that people just don't like I can't understand why she is this bad. According to her dr......she is completely fine. I'm not a dr but I don't see how being see a kids almost every bone is healthy and most days her eyes are sunken in and she lacks color in her skin. I'm really needed help with this lil girl. I love her so much and it kills me to see her not eat. How do I fix her????? I know that what ever needs to be done, needs to be consistant at both households but what should we do? Please helps us. I would love any suggestions. Thank you.
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Her weight is just below the 50th percentile and her height is below the 90th percentile for her age which is normal. She may appear thinner due to her taller stature. She is eating enough food to be in normal growth chart ranges. If she is not eating vegetables or fruit, then suggest giving her a daily children's chewable multi-vitamin. If she eats/drinks yogurt or milk, suggest milkshakes or smoothies with fruit - milk or yogurt, banana or strawberries (or any type fruit), ice cream blended together. She will get the benefit of fruit and protein from the yogurt or milk. The most important thing is to RELAX. You do not want mealtimes to be a battle of the wits between the child and you. Remember meals need to be joyous for you and her. Do not force a child to eat and give them the foods they like. Slowly introduce new foods, and if she does not want it, do not make a fuss over it. Let it go and enjoy the meal. Try again in a few months. Sometimes it takes 5-9 times to introduce a food to a child that they will accept the new food. Hoped this helped you.
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