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Extreme sudden weight loss no reason? Please reply ASAP!!!

Hello! I'm 18 years old and I'm a male. My girlfriend is 18 years old as well. This post is about my girlfriend not a child but we are both considered teens/kids. She has told me how she was 130 pounds freshman year of high school ( 4 years ago) and now that she's older she's gotten to as low as 115 and she is very skinny and has a flat stomach with little curves. She is not anorexic skinny but definitely skinny for a girl especially compared what she used to look like in pictures years ago. She says she does not exercises and trys to eat more but still cant re gain weight. She's said she's gotten blood tests done by docs and everything came back normal she claims she's fine. But we all know this is not normal to happen for no reason. Or is it??? I'm concerned for my girlfriend and also am I at risk or in danger of contracting whatever could be causing her to lose weight if it is an underlying illness? I have already kissed her quite a bit. I just want a reasonable idea of what could be going on with her and to ensure that she's safe as well as me thank you!!! P.s her family thought she was starving herself and she got upset by it and tells me how she wishes she had her body back.
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Her weight is just below the 50th percentile for her age which is normal. Is she is in sports or dances a lot which can cause the body will lose weight? She needs to eat 1800 calories a day to maintain her weight for her age. If she is active with sports, etc, then the calorie intake should be increased. Intake of calories (food) needs to be enough to prevent weight lose. Hope this helped you.
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