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Hungry all the time.. but no weight gain

My 41/2 year old son has been an type 1 diabetic since age 2 , he has always been smaller than children his age. When we discovered he was diabetic we hoped that would help, and it did some what. But now for the last 1 year or so my son is extremely hungry all the time. He eats every hour or sooner so times. There is no distracting him or telling him no he still insisted he is starving. Doctors have tested him for celiac's disease and other common absorption problem.. nothing. He will be 5 in a few months and is the same size as my 2 year old, people believe that they are twins, if that gives you an idea. Doctors said it could be habit, but he eats everything you give him and doesn't gain weight, so i'm not convinced. Any suggestions or ideas of what is causing this please advise.
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From your measurements, his weight is on the 25th percentile and his height is on the 5th percentile which indicates he has normal height and on the low end for height for his age. Based on his weight / age, he should be consuming approximately 1500-1800 calories per day as recommended the following; Fruits (limit fruit juices) = 1.5 cups; Vegetables 2.5 cups; Grains (cereals, breads) = 6oz equivalents; Meat & beans = 5oz equivalents; Dairy products (milk, yogurt) = 3 cups; Oils = 5 tsp; Additional calories to be used discretionary = 195. This food needs to be divided up between 3 meals and snacks between meals daily. Is his diabetes under control? If not, suggest re-evaluate his medication for the diabetes because it needs to take in account his growth. When diabetes is not in control people lose weight and can be hungry. Hoped this helped you.
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for children with diabetes it is critical that their blood sugar is very well managed to enable them to grow well.

How are his blood sugars?  How is his A1C?

Can recommend book by Dr. Richard bernstein called diabetes solutions which presents a way of eating (and info on diabetes and medications) that could be beneficial.

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