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One month back I discovered that I am pregnant, my child was 1 year old, so my doctor recommended that I should stop breastfeading her at once.
I managed to stop this week, but I was told that I should give her a big amount of milk,
Kinldy advise the dosage that I should I be giving her on daily basis, and please be kind to recommend a brand of milk well know and trusted for growing kids (NAN3 was recommended by my friend but I can't trust such advise unless it is recommended by a doctor)

Appreciate your advice

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Your daughter's weight is in about the 75th percentile for her age, and height is about  in the 25th percentile for her age. At 1 year old a child should be served no more than 24 ounces of milk a day. Since she was on breast milk, suggest she go on Pedisure for 6 months and if she is growing steady then change to regular milk.
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