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My Cousin's Child's Hair will not grow

Since she was a very small child, her hair has been very close to her head and has not grown. She has a bit of length in the back, but none on the top of her head, other than enough to cover her scalp. Her mother was addicted to cocaine when she was pregnant, therefore forfeiting her right to being a parent. Her father cannot figure anything. She has been made fun of by boys for not looking like a girl and by girls for looking like a boy. I want to help. Please help us.
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Based on her age, she should be consuming approximately 1200-1400 calories per day as recommended the following; Fruits (limit fruit juices) = 1cup; Vegetables 1.5cup; Grains (cereals, breads) = 5oz equivalents; Meat & beans = 4oz equivalents; Dairy products (milk, yogurt) = 2cups; Oils = 4tsp; Additional calories to be used discretionary = 171. This food needs to be divided up between 3 meals and snacks between meals daily. Thank you for your question.  

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