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My baby is not drinking the Milk

I have my lttel girl she is now 1 year and about two months .Her mother stopped feeding here from here breast just one month ago, where no more milk from here breast was enough for the girl as daily food, where she does not like other milk.
Now she never accept any milk. Last two weeks she was sick because she had sort throat .The last days she eat and throw up the food.

Could you please advice me about the milk and how can we make here drink the milk and does not have thow up food where in these days she have teeth growing.
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You can try Pedisure or Soy Milk. Try regular milk with chocolate Ovaltine in it. Sometimes children will not drink regular milk but will drink it with chocolate flavoring in it. They have yogurt drinks on the market that is like a thick drink which children love that can be used too. If she will not accept milk then give her on a daily basis yogurts, cheese, puddings, and ice cream which are all dairy substitutes. Hope that helped you.
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