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what are the best foods for my 3 year 5 month old baby boy. (i live in south India)
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my son is now 2 yrs 9 months old.he is 12 kgs and 91 cm height now.he is not putting on weight.during his 1 st year  his weight gain was good and he as about 10 kgs by 12 months.after that he was with that weight for 1 yr. now he came to 12 kgs.he is very active and naughty.but i am very much worried about his weight gain.he is just in the 10 th percentile in his growth chart. please advice me.thank you
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You did not state if you were a vegetarian or not. At each meal he should consume a protein source food, vegetable, starch, fruit, and a calcium source (milk or yogurt). He should eat 3 meals a day with snacks between meals. Sorry, I really did not have too much information. Hope this helped you.
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