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My baby is 9 months old... She loves food. (a little too much in my husbands mind) Anyway, she eats anywhere between 22-27 oz formula a day plus 4-8 oz of solids, and 1 small handful of puffs/snack. I always get the comment.. she doesn't miss a meal, or look at her.. she's a big girl, and my dr said she is the size of a 14 month old baby. But I wasn't sure if he meant height or weight... and too embarrassed to ask.. he didn't say it was bad, so im unsure. Is she unhealthy overweight?
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Her weight and height are above the 95th percentile for her age. It may be genetic. Are there tall females in the family? She is eating the recommended amounts of formula and food for her age.
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My family i have no idea, as i am adopted, i do know however, i was the tallest kid in my class until 8th grade and stopped growing (I am 5'4").. My husband is 6 foot. No females really in his family, his mother was 5'6". I guess well see what happens. thanks
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