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Short for his age


I am concern about my son's height. He is shorter than all the kids his age and the scary thing now is, as he is getting older, he does not like that and kids make fun of him. He eats I won't say exceptionaly well but okay.
I want him to gain weight and height. I am short (5'2) but my husband  is 6. I need help, please advice.

Thank you,
~Dylan's Mom
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His weight is between the 25-50th percentile and his height on the 10th percentile for his age which is normal. Other than his father, are there other males that have shorter stature? He is only 6 years and when he hits puberty (around 13years); he may surprise everyone and grow to his father's height. You do not know at this stage. Just make sure he is eating 1800 calories a day so that he does grow.
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