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Stopped eating

My son has always been my big non picky eater. I don't cater to all likes and dislikes at the table. In the past month and a half my son won't touch any meats , fish, chicken or pork. He stopped eating any form of sandwiches at lunch and I have tried other things and he just has no interest. Dinner is the same way. He loved everything including salad. He has no interest in and meal what so ever. He's not demanding of anything else to substitute and its not random meals it every meal. Regardless I what it is. I have found he will eat a yogurt furring the day and and a small bowl of cereal but he is passing on his fruits and vegetables also. He would come to me and ask me for apples or bananas , etc and just has no interest. He doesn't ask and says no thanks if I do. At first I thought it was a phase and it would pass. What kid turns down a hamburger? Nothing! When do you get concerned?Its been almost 2 months. We can't remember the last time he ate a meal. We have gone to subway in the past an he loved getting a sandwich. Now he just says to take it home and eat later but won't. When is it not just a phase ?
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Has he been sick? Appetite is usually decreases when children are not feeling well. If that is not the case, suggest involving him in helping you with meals. He can learn to set the table and help you make simple foods. That may spark an interest in food again. Suggest giving him milkshakes or yogurt smoothies at meals or snack to provide extra protein and calories to prevent weight loss with his sudden change of eating habits. Hoped this helped you.
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