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Toddler refuses to eat

I am concerned about my 2 1/2 year old boy. He is only 26lbs. Today at the doctor we looked at his growth chart and he started out great, born at 8lbs 14oz, but since he turned 2, has not put on anything. He refuses to eat most of the time, today for example, he has 1/8th of a bagel, 2 small chocolates, a few bites of soy icecream and 2 cheeze-its. This diet sounds bad, but it is out of desperation that I gave him these foods. He will sometimes eat bananas, apples, chicken, lima beans etc. But more often than not, he hardly eats anything. He is still nursing sometimes at night, and someone told me that the fact he still nurses could be the cause of him not eating etc. What do you think? Doctor has ordered blood work, CBC, Chem 14, Thyroid and Celiac panel. What sorts of medical conditions could come up on these tests? Also a urine sample as well. Thank you, Megan
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He is still has a good weight for his age group. Children around 2 years old may become picky eaters. They get very busy with the world around them to eat. Mealtimes can be a battlefield when children do not have an interest to eating or eat very little. It becomes the battle of the wits between the child and the parents. Remember meals need to be joyous for you and your child. If he will not eat a certain food, do not make a fuss over it. Give him some other food alternatives. Then let it go and enjoy your meal. Eventually he will eat. He still needs milk at that age regardless where it comes from (breast or a store). If you are ok with continuing to breast feed and he likes it then do it. If you are concerned about his weight, I suggest you start him on daily children chewable multi-vitamins. If you do stop breast-feeding, give him nutrient dense milk drinks as his milk such as Pedisure, or Carnation instant breakfast drinks or make milkshakes (ice cream, milk, and fruit blended together).
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