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My daughter is a little over 9 months old and is not even 16 lbs yet. She wasn't a tiny baby at birth she was 7lbs 2.5oz. I nursed for 10 weeks and she was in the 15th or 25th percentile. Now I think her doctor said she was in the 5th and it started when i stopped nursing. She eats anything you put in front of her but throws up a lot. There were two babies in my family that died of marasmus one at a few weeks old and another at 9 months 10 days. I was wondering if she could have that or if something else could be wrong with her and if so what?
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Her weight is between the 10-5th percentile and her height is between the 95-90th percentile for her age. She may appear thinner then she is due to her height. She is still in the growth chart which is good; however, you stated she has decreased in weight. If she is vomiting then she needs to be medically checked to determine why. She may need her infant formula changed. She can have regular finger food at this age, which will give her additional food. If you are concerned about her nutrition status, suggest having blood work done too.
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