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What to do for low iron and weight in toddlers

My son had his 12 mo checkup at 14mo and the doc said he dropped below 0percent on the growth chart and his iron is low. I started him on an herbal iron supplement but he is a real picky eater at this stage. His 3 and 1/2 yr old brother has food allergies and so I delayed many foods until 1yr old under guidance of nutritionist. Then we were stuck in a hotel for 2 months due to a military move and we couldnt cook real meals. So now both sons actually have low iron and I think the baby doesnt eat because he watches brother refuse foods, also since he didnt have a variety the 1st year, since i didnt give him wheat, eggs, any whole milk products. Both boys dont want to eat meat. The oldest occasionaly wheat free chicken nuggets.They eat beans, cereal, rice, corn tortillas, chips (potato for the oldest and veggie chips the younger), wheat free waffles, and trying yogurt again for both. I try and puree yellow squash in with beans, I make gluten free carrot muffins. But they will sometimes refuse if they taste something "different" in their food. With their iron being low, I nee dto find the right food combos since they say calcium doesnt allow the body to absorb iron. I'm at my wits end and our doctor isnt helpful, she just treats me like i'm a bad mom when I try everything! Any advice?
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His weight is below the 3rd percentile for his age. As a guideline for a 14 month old child should eat the following: Dairy 4 feedings a day –Milk or breast milk (4oz), cheese (½ oz), yogurt (½ cup), or cottage cheese (¼ cup). Starch 4 feedings a day – Cereal (¼ cup), pasta (¼ cup), rice (¼ cup), bread (½ slice), or crackers (2). Fruits & Vegetables 4 feedings a day – Fruits (including 100% juice limited to only 4-6ozs) & Vegetables (¼ cup). Protein source 2 feedings a day – Meat or fish (1oz), egg (1), or beans (¼ cup). He should eat 3 meals and have snacks between meals using the foods above to be spread out throughout the day. For his anemia, there are 2 types of iron in our food sources, Heme iron and Non-Heme iron. Heme iron is from animal sources and Non-Heme is plant sources. Non-Heme iron has more iron then Heme iron , however, it does not absorbed well into our bodies so it is important to eat foods with Vitamin C and Heme iron foods to enhance absorption. For example, chicken with beans and a fresh orange; drink orange juice with the iron supplement; or have mashed potatoes with meat at a meal. High Iron food sources are all meats, fish, dark green vegetables, beans, enriched rice (cooked), enriched pastas (cooked), and whole wheat breads. Hoped this helped you.
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