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allergies or intollerance to dairy?

Hi there,
I have a little girl who at 7 months had an anaphalactic reaction to a jar of apple and mango puree ( which we have narrowed down to a mango allergy). After this scary start to solids, it has been a very slow process of introducing other foods. We recently had skin ***** tests done and she came back negative to wheat, dairy eggs and nuts much to our relief. We have since given her wheat products as well as loads of veges and a variety of protein. But when we have given her yoghurt, she throws up a little later. The funny thing is that there is not much yoghurt in the vomit - it is mostly a clear, gelatenous looking substance! I am wondering if this is an allergy or more of an intollerance to dairy.
She is still breastfed, but I was hoping to combine some formula with that soon, but not sure if I can due to this reaction to milk products.
Could you please offer any assistance?
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You stated that she was tested and dairy allergy was negative. If there is intolerance to dairy, then she would have very loose stools, bloating, and gas. Suggest switching the brand of yogurt or stop giving the yogurt for a week or so and then introduce it again. When you start to wean off the breast milk suggest try mixing ¾ breast milk with ¼ regular milk and see if she accepts and tolerates it. If she does, then after a week or so, try doing a bottle mix of ½ breast milk, and ½ regular milk. Gradually go to a bottle mix of ¼ breast milk and ¾ regular milk then totally to all milk. Hoped this helped you.
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