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feeding for a 4 month old baby

Our boy (15 lbs, 26 inches, 4 month old) never drinks milk when he is awake.
He never cries when he is hungry.
Usually he sleeps through the night. We only take initiative and feed him 5 times a day around 5 oz each time
We tried feeding him when awake. He never opens the toungue and he resists pushes the bottle out.

We introduced him to solids this week.
1. What should be done to make sur ehe drinks milk properly?
2. How do we make sure we dont end up in same problem for feeding solids?
3. Is there any best practice on how to feed solids?
Any recos will be appreciated.
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His weight is on the 50th percentile and his height is just below the 90th percentile for his age which is good. He is taking in enough infant formula of him to grow and gain weight.  At 4 months do not worry if he is not taking in solids. The infant formula is the main source of nutrition. When he gets more active (next month or 6 months old), then start with solids. Suggest a routine feeding with solids that follow the normal meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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