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i have a son aged 3  and a half years old.. he was as a baby a difficult feeder, he was intolarant to protiens and ended up on neocate milk, along with a alot of maeds for reflux etc
weaning was extremly hard but once he reached just over 1 years he grew out of this and could tolarate milk..protiens, he has since then always been a fussy eater,

recenctly we got to the point where his only foods he would eat were, chips, bread,cheese and biscuits,cereals,jam and sometimes sausages

we have decided that this is not a very good diet for our son, he has no fruit or veg at all and rarely eats meat

i had a feeling alot of his problems are in his head as he wont even try anything else..

we have been much firmer this week and have managed to get him to eat,roast chicken and scrabble egg,ham and pitta bread,one grape a banana and some raisons which is great..

but, my concern is he really struggles to eat and gags on his food he tries to fill his mouth with juice to help swallow his foods.. and has phycially been sick

so what i am thinking is when i weaned him he did ok with no lumps, but hated food with lumps, then he progressed to finger foods,ie dry foods..  i think he never ate lumpy food, so what do i do, i would love for him to eat shepards pie, lasangne or stew, so how to i do this do i go back to runny food, or just let him gag on the food????
sorry thats a long post  but trying to explain it is quite hard

kind regards joy
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His weight is on the 50th percentile and his height is on the 90th percentile for his age which indicated he is normal for his age. Does he gag on the chips, biscuits, cheese, and sausages that he likes or only foods he really does not like? If he gags on all foods, then suggest he gets evaluated on his chewing and swallowing abilities. Some children may need to be taught how to chew. If that is not the case, try to relax at meals and just give him the foods he wants. Slowly introduce new foods. Sometimes it takes 5-9 times to introduce a food to a child that they will accept, however, if they do not want it you have to not make a fuss and let it go. The Child Behavior Forum may give you additional information. Hoped this helped you.
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