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loose bowels

My 5 year old son is a great eater... vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.  Our problem is that he has always has loose bowels.  Not diarrhea, but just loose.  He tends to have alot of accidents because he says that he cannot feel it coming out.  We're all getting very frustrated.  He doesn't complain of stomach aches...could he have an allergy?  he does eat cheese and milk.  
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Thank you...I'll do what you suggested!
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With lactose intolerant there are different degrees of it due to amount of lactase enzyme in the stomach which digest lactose (dairy sugar). Some people cannot have any dairy products at all yet some can tolerate cheese, yogurt but no milk (Some people can tolerate skim milk but not whole milk). Most people with lactose intolerance have loose bowels to diarrhea after eating dairy products and have mild to severe (depending on how much they eat) abdominal pains. Suggest having your son tested by an Allergist so you know if he has an intolerance or not.  
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