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my child not drinking milk when he is awake(drinks while sleeping)

My kid is not drinking milk when he is awake.earlier he used to drink for every 2 hours.but, now if i want to feed i need to make him sleep then only he is drinking otherwise not.till 3 months he is gud.am really worried...please suggest me...
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If your measurements are correct, his weight is just below the 25th percentile and his height is above the 95th percentile for his age. As a guideline for a 4-6 month old child should eat the following: Breast-milk or Formula (6-8oz) 4-6 feedings a day. Infant Cereal (1-2 Tbsp) 2 feedings a day. Suggest giving him stained yogurt, cottage cheese, for calcium and protein to supplement the infant formula he is not taking in. Hoped this helped you.
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