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not eating enough

My 11month old baby is a very fusssy eater...Im just worried as he hasnt gain much weight from 6months..
at 5 1/2 he ws 8kgs n now at 11months he is 9.5 kgs..he looks very lean...though he his growth n devleopment is fine as per his age..he stands unaided for few secs n walks holding support..
His schedule is as follows.
9am -wakes up -has oatmeal porridge or ragi
10.30-11am -120ml formula milk
around 11-11.30 has an hr nap
1.30-lunch rice lentil n vegetables cooked
2.30-300 nap..has breast milk while sleeping
4.30-5pm- banana or some snack
6.30pm -120 ml formula milk
8.30pm- dinner rice cereal
10pm -nap time or if awake 120 ml milk
but as days pass his milk intake is getting lesser...
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His weight is between the 75-50th percentile which is normal for his age. At 11 months he can start to eat finger foods and regular foods cut up in small pieces and he can start to feed himself (with his hands) at 3 meals a day. As a guideline for an 11-12 month old child should eat the following: Breast-milk or Formula (8oz) 3-5 feedings a day, Dairy 1 serving a day – cheese (1/2 oz) or yogurt (1/2 cup). Starch 2 feedings a day – Infant Cereal (2-4 Tbsp), bread (1/2 slice), crackers (2), or pasta (3-4 Tbsp). Fruits or Vegetables 2-3 feedings a day – (3-4 Tbsp). Meat 2 feedings a day – 3-4 Tbsp) or beans (1/4 cup). If he is drinking milk, if you stated, suggest giving him Pediasure, milkshakes or smoothies with fruit - milk or yogurt, banana or strawberries (or any type fruit), ice cream for all meals (in place of milk) for additional calories for weight gain. Hoped that helped you.
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