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not eating

My five year old son refuses to eat for me. He stopped eating at the age of two since then he has lived on a few pieces of bread and few sausages a day. I have tryed everything with him you name it i have done it, he lives on nothing, he will drink some milk and he drinks water, I do not give him minerals or things like that. Hes daily diet most days will consist of two pieces of toast, a cheesestring, two pieces of bread in the evening and maybe the inside of three sausages he wont eat the full sausage he used to now he wont, and now he is gone to the stage that he is sick of eating the same foods and sometimes refuses those as well. I have tried everything with him new foods that i introduced they would still be there three days later he is stubborn and refuses to try anything new. It is important to note that this is a child that also since the age of two refuses to take meds or tablets actually almost goes into convulsions if you came near him with medicine hence anytime he was taken ill in the past three years which he has done he had to be taken to the A and E department in the hosp admitted and kept to have his antibiotics intravenously for his chest infections and sore throats because he wouldnt take it and still wont take it off a spoon. Hes a very good child otherwise no trouble very well behaved so well behaved i never felt the past 5 years rearing him. I have been to doc and paedetrician he said theres nothing physical wrong with him that its physcological and left it at that. Where do i take him who do i go to from here you are my last resort I worry so much over my little boy i need help and advice for him he is my life i love him to bits and go to bed most nights crying over him. Im not an overprotective mum I lost one child already in a cot death, I almost lost another one to addiction thankfully turned hes life around so now you know why i worry about this little mite any advice to me or where to turn to would be brilliant please help. Thanks.
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From your measurements, his weight is near the 50th percentile for his age which is normal considering his eating habits. You stated he drinks milk. Suggest giving him milkshakes (milk and ice cream blended) and  yogurt smoothies (yogurt, ice cream, and fruit blended) in place of milk for extra calories and protein. Have you tried chewable children vitamins? They look like ‘gummie bears’ so child think it is candy, however, they are a multi-vitamin for children. Suggest giving it to him daily for vitamins and minerals to decrease his illnesses. The most important thing is to relax at meals. It is frustrating and it becomes the battle of the wits between your child and you. Forcing a child to eat will not work. Let him eat what he wants even if it is not nutritional sound. It is ok if he does not want certain foods. Slowly introduce new foods, and if he does not want it, do not make a fuss over it. Try again in a few weeks. Sometimes it takes 5-9 times to introduce a food to a child that they will accept, however, if they do not want it, let it go. Hoped that helped you.
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Thank you so much for your feedback I have tried the smoothie but he refuses those as well I havent tried the milk and ice cream which i will do and i certainly will give him the gummie bears as he has taken them previously. Thats part of the problem id say pushing him to eat something i imagine hes starving which is what he must be I also think myself he has threadworms I have tried everything to get a dose into him but its not working maybe I will try it with the milk and ice cream and thanks again your great x

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