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My daughter is as I mentioned  30.3 inch and weighs 21.2 lbs and she'll be 23 months in 2 weeks.
she doesn't like milk,pediasure,yogurt,milk formula.beans etc.
Im worried,what should I do.
I've changed pediatrics 5 times,becaose I'm not satisfied with their consultings,the one I have now,is ok.Although I had to make them weigh my daughter on her last visit and I told them to mesure her,they wouldn't do it.I'm still breastfeeding my daughter.

Thank you
Worried mom
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Would you please state foods that your daughter does like. Thank you.
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This is the food that Amanda likes
Chicken nuggets
cheese,{one bite every now and then}



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Her weight and height are both below the 3rd percentile for her age. Have you tried chocolate milkshakes (milk, chocolate mix, and ice cream blended together) or banana milkshake (milk, fresh banana, and ice cream blended together) for extra calories and protein to help gain weight. Most of the time children will accept the 'homemade' milkshakes. If she will not accept the milk in the milkshakes, then suggest replace the milk with pumped breast milk and give it to her between meals as a snack 2-3 times a day. She will have the breast milk taste with additional calories from the ice cream. Then recommend to transition from ‘breast milk’ milkshakes to either Pedisure or Regular Milkshakes is to mix the two. Start with ¾ breast milk and ¼ Pedisure or Milk, go to half and half, then ¼ breast milk and ¾ Pedisure or Milk, and finally to all Pedisure or Milk. You can do each mix every 3-4 days as long as she is accepting the mixture. She will get used to the Pedisure or Milk taste gradually. Suggest trying other dairy sources, such as yogurt and cheese, too once she accepts milk and or Pediasure. Hoped this helped you.
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She does not like the texture of milk and youghurt or milkshakes,she doesn't like drinking breast milk from a bottle or cup.She doen't like mashed food.Only food that she can bite into.
What should I do?
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Suggest giving her the high protein foods she likes (egg, chicken, sausage, steak) at each meal so she is getting protein and calories. She is almost 2 years old and you do have to get her to use a cup to drink out of.  In the near future you have to start weaning her off the breast, too; and you will need a substitute. When she is weaned off the breast-milk try milk again. Some children do not like plain milk but they do like favored milk with chocolate, etc. Right now she knows she can get breast milk so she is not going to accept any other type of milk.
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