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why wouldn't a six month old not want to eat drink her milk?

she is very active, more active that some of my friends babies born around the same time, if she refused the bottle I don't force her but wait and try...this does not work, she cries, throw her head back and kicked. I even allow a few hours to pass to see if she would eat, then she eats around 60ml! after maybe 6hrs! for the whole day she drinks maximum 500ml, and no she does not take solid. she sleeps through the night. from 7p.m. to 5am. I dream feed her 60ml around 11p.m. and 5a.m. she takes the same, even with insistence on my part. I am at my wits end...this been going on for two and a half month now.
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Her weight and height are both on the 75th percentile for her age which is normal. Whatever amount she is drinking and eating is keeping her within the growth chart. At 6 months she can eat infant cereal, strained beans, strained meats, plain yogurt, egg yolk, and cottage cheese. Suggest trying these foods and putting the infant formula in a sippy cup instead of a bottle to see if she will accept. If you get the same reaction as before, suggest seeing your MD and her checked.
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