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i can't take it any more i need advise

I Have memorys of my step dad before the one i have now betting on my mom he would bruise her, beet on her, choke her, throw her, and anything else he could do. well my mom says i saved her live 2-3 time by yelling at him cause he loved me so much well now evrytime i think of him i get flashbacks and nightmares and i just cant get rid of these memorys and oh by the way i was 4-6 years old when it happened and now as i said its come back to hunt me what should i do i feel very sad and scared it might happen again and my anxiety aint helping any how much time i spend with my mom everyone has called me a momas boy i ignore that cause i feel like i need to protect her she wants me to stop but i just dont know what to do.
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Hi, Welcome. I am sorry for your pain. Find a consoler and support group. This is a great way also to get things off your mind. I'm here for you.

One thing I find helpful is writing about my fears,anxieties, the hurt etc. Writing has been a blessing for me. check out my letter to my dad. And yes I took it to him and stood before him as he read the letter. Then I walked away w/o a word exchanged. I needed for him to hear me at last, probably for the 1st and last time ever. I doubt he has EVER heard about my pain before. God Bless you 7 your mommy, and btw....my son better STAY A MAMA'S BOY lol
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Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and trusting us with it. I can't say that I totally understandf what you are going through but when I was young my step dad at the time would fight my mother too. I understand you are scared for her and that is totally natural but maybe you should find your mom some help. I agree with Anna..talk with a counselor, a pastor or someone you really trust. We will be here to help you as much as possible. You can always come here for encouragement.

There is NOTHING wrong with being a mama's boy. You love and cherish your mom and there is nothing wrong with that. They say you know how a man will treat his wife by how he treats his mom. So that must mean you are going to be an AWESOME husband! I know plenty of people who wish their mom was still alive to be called a mama's child. I am 26 and I am STILL and ALWAYS will be a Mama's Girl and Proud of it!!

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