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23 month old son is the size of a 5yr with pubic hair

We've been seeing a Endocrinologist for over a year now, every test is coming back negative! We first noticed pubic hair around 6 months of age. His body is producing extremely high testosterone for example he was tested in October 2016 and his levels were 289; tested again in December 2016 and his levels were 550. His voice is deep, full on bush down there, enlarged penis, muscle tone, size 12 shoe (my 7 year old is a size 1) weighs 45 lbs and is 3 feet and 5 inches tall. His last bone age test results which was on January 30th 2017 were "a standard 6 year old". Hes very smart for his age as well; recognizes all the alphabet and numbers 1-10, knows his colors and shapes. Hes been tested for countless numbers of tests; adrenal came back negative, he even had an ultrasound on his scrotum - normal, Tumor blood testing - normal... The Endocrinologist has ordered a MRI to triple check his body for any kind of small tumors or masses; set for April. I recently watched the movie Jack with Robert Williams and it completely reminded me of my sons situation, growing at the rate of four times faster. But I did some research on the condition Jack had in the movie and does not sound like what my son has. If anyone has any information that can help me out it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
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See if the endocrinologist can put you in touch with a teaching/research hospital or better.  You need more answers than to see someone for a year and have every test come up negative.
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