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6 Month old with developemental delays

My 6 month old is not meeting her milestones: Will not reach or grab for toys,  not rolling over, will not eat baby food(pushes it out with her tongue), hates tummy time and will not do mini push-ups, etc. She just started early intervention, and has made a lot of progress in the past month. She is a very happy baby, laughs, and gets very excited when she's about to get picked up. At her 6 month check up, the pedi was concerned and wants her to see a neurologist. I had a perfect pregnancy and delivery. There are no genetic disorders in my or my husbands family. What could possibly be wrong?!
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Hi, I have nine kids. Watch closely, give lots of stimuli, but don't worry too much. These data, when should a child do what are nor rules. Kids often don't follow them. Some never crawl. It should be able to turn itself at this age, this worries me a little. Try to see a children neurologist, if this doesn't come within a month. I have daughter with a hemiparesis and she couldn't turn herself, but she had lots of other symptoms. Hope this helps Sabine
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Sabine, thank you so much. She is currently in early intervention and we have seen a neurologist. She is now rolling over (front to back), sitting supported (unsupported for a short amount of time), and making progress! Still not much progress with hands though. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
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