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ADHD/manic depression?

How can one tell the difference between ADHD and manic-depression?

As a child, could not sit still, it started in second grade. I could not stay in seat, blurted out answers, daydreamed uncontrollably, unfocused, lack of concentration, could not read/comprehend until about two months ago (now 53 yrs. old). Slow learner, writing and reading difficulties as a child, full of energy, moving hands constantly, and many more symptoms... never diagnosed as ADHD but think I have had it since childhood. Symptoms persisted to this day but at 23 got labeled manic-depressive.

Recently lost 94 pounds and these same symptoms as a child have resurfaced with the weight loss.

How would I know when not diagnosed as a child? Can anyone tell me the difference between the two?
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Dear, I'd consider seeing a psychiatrist for help with this issue.  Manic depression (a term no longer used . . .  it is now called bipolar) is very different that add/adhd.  But many with add/adhd can have depression and anxiety.  Those conditions can overlap certainly as well.  There is also typical bipolar and atypical.  Medication is usually esssential to cope with bipolar symptoms and it doesn't usually just go away for a few years and resurface.  

I would use your insurane and seek the advice of a psychiatrist to get an accurate diagnosis.  That you use the phrase manic depressive tells me it has been a long time since you've worked on this issue.  What therapies and intervention did your family provide by the way upon diagnosis.  What intervention did they provide regarding your learning issues as well?

You could not read or comprehend until 2 months ago?  Hm.  You write like someone that has been able to do that for a very long time.  I see no indication of a learning issue with your writing in either sentence structure, spelling or coherent thought.  
good luck
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Thank you for your thoughts on my post.

I currently got diagnosed again about a month ago as hypomanic.

Growing up and currently my family not involved much in my life. They say are too busy. I am in therapy. Have been since 12.

As a child I had much anxiety and depression. Still do. But with my recent 94 lb weight loss, have become once again like I was as a child very hyperactive, more anxious about everything, my post-traumatic is way overboard. And have a need/ desire to be constantly moving. Just like I was as a kid. The only thing that has slowed me down and relax was Strattera. But with a new psychiatrist they won't help me out. In my late twenties/early thirties I had ADHD testing. They said very possible ADHD but could not make an accurate diagnosis due to my mental health issues. I am having testing again in June . We will see.

I could always read but not know what I read. In high school was in a special class but the teacher gave up on me. In college they never taught me either. But would read my assignments to me or put them on tape. That is how I got through school. I had good grades but probably could have had higher ones.  I have overcompensated for my learning disabilities. I am 53 with a college degree, but my last speech therapist(had stroke) says only 10th grade reading, vocabulary, spelling level. I also as child did not write cursive like rest of the kids. Was constantly picked on and bullied. Never had friends. Currently fortunate have 3.

I do well for myself. Cannot hold jobs for too long. So started my own company on a plan to achieve self-support from the Social Security administration . I opened a Crafters outlet in 2009 but made a couple of foolish mistakes. Trusted a possible partner didn't really know. She took advantage of my disabilities and lost it. I was open about a year.

Am currently trying to get reapproved for my pass plan. Want to reopen another biz incorporating a coffee shop and a holistic arts center, which will include my Crafters outlet.
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I've looked through all of your posts and your writing style has changed.  You had not a gramtical error previously.  Interesting.  I do wish you luck.  
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Thank you for your help and information .
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Took your advice. Spoke with my psychiatrist regarding your response. I am having psych testing to see if appropriate diagnosis. They said same thing no longer called manic depression but rather bipolar. When I was diagnosed it was called that though. Been long time so re-doing testing. Thankyou for your suggestions.
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