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Are any of your children diagnosed with Pdd-nos social?

Hi, My daughter pumpkin is in the process of being evaluated for some type of Autism. What I would like to know is if children diagnosed with pdd-nos be social or overly social. My daughter has two emotions. She is either having a tantrum when she has to change routine or very happy the rest of the time. Thanks for your help.
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That sounds EXACTLY like our 3rd born (son) J., who has just been diagnosed with PDD-nos and is now receiving SSI for it. He is either having a tantrum (especially when we tell him he has to do something else when he is doing something) or is being a total charmer. His nickname in Kindergarten (he just graduated this year) was Mr. Mayor...then Mr. President because he was known by ALL the kids in the grade and even other grades and was so social and happy. :) Our 2nd born (son) ALSO is diagnosed with PDD-nos, but he is almost the exact opposite of his brother. He is not very social and has a hard time making eye-contact, and is more typical of an Autistic child than J. is. It is striking to see the difference between them. I myself have Asperger's Syndrome, which is on the Autism spectrum, and B. is more like me now and J. is more like I was as a child.

Good luck to you! I hope you find your answers!
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I'm the father of 3 boys and my youngest was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He isn't very social at all. He doesn't speak, and he won't make eye contact. He just turned 4 and he has a twin. He will play with his brother at times, but no one else. He is more of the typical autistic child. Well good luck. Feel free to message me if u have anymore questions.
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Thanks for your comment.  When someone asks my daughter for a hug, she will turn her back to them and let them hug her that way. She does not do that to me or my niece. She will ask questions as best as she can.  We work on these things everyday.
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Thank you. My daughter has so many issues. She was just diagnosed with microdeletion syndrome 16p11.2. I took her to a neurologist because of her developmental problems.She still walks like a baby at 3 1/2. She is very clumsy can't turn door knobs and can't put on her shoes . She was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when she was two She repeats words and phrases that we've said. She will ask the same question 6,7,or 8 times even after you have answered her. When she was a baby she could never just fall asleep on her own. We had to always put her to sleep. She has night terrors so I've had to cut out her nap and that helps her sleep a little better at night. She is a very picky eater and will not eat anything creamy or mushy. Her mouth is always in an open posture and she still drools. I cut her food into tiny pieces because she does not use her teeth to tear food. She used to gag but not anymore. When she walks into the room her eyes are on everything in the  room. She can't focus. It makes it hard for her to ride her tricycle or even run to her brother when he is walking down the street. Finally the thing that causes the most problems in our household is change. She has to know every step before we take it. She has a great memory for routes and insists that we go the same way every single time.  If I say we are going to cross the street at a certain point and we don't it is like the end of the world.She is that way about everything. She has to always get the jar of jelly out of the refrigerator. I can't get it. These things baffle me. Her favorite things to do are read books and watch television. She does not care about toys. I just recently emptied her toy box of 75% of her toys and she did not even notice. When we read books she makes the same comments on every page nothing ever changes. Does any of this sound familiar ? I forgot to mention that she does have an imagination (mostly the same things) and loves to smile, sometimes too much.
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Hi.  I just wanted to say that my son has sensory integration disorder and this too comes with social skills issues.  When he was little he was either all over you or would whither from your touch.  He is still like that at time.  Even I, his dear Mama that he loves, if he is not in the mood for a hug-------- he's not in the mood.  If he wants squeezed, he'll squeeze ya hard.  Sensory involves the nervous system and lack of affection and wanting to be touched can be part of this.  

We did social skills camp for our child which was really excellent.  There were kids with sensory like my son, adhd, aspergers, autism and selective mutism.  The camp was super fun for my son and they worked on positive interaction, basics of standing the right direction when talking to someone, personal space, voice volume, waiting a turn to talk, eye contact, etc.  They also dealt with bullies, how to instigate play, how to join in a group already playing, how to handle being told no, etc.  It was run by an occupational therapists office but have seen similar programs at our children's hospital.  I'd recommend checking your local children's hospital because they often have play groups for children on the spectrum and various classes that are run by a professional.  Well worth it.

Our occupational therapist also works on social skills with our son each visit.  She makes him treat her like a peer as in----------  she must get a turn going first sometimes, he has to share with her, she gets to pick what they do sometimes in the gym, etc.  And he practices his skills with her.  She gives us things to work on for peers and it has been very valuable for my son in terms of making friends.  

Good luck!
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Thanks for your help. I would love to get her into camp.
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