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Autism and sleep

My son is 3 and a half years old and on the spectrum.  He has is having a difficult time staying asleep at night, waking up for hours on end.  We do give him melatonin half hour before bed time, seems to help get him to sleep but not keeping him asleep.  Does anyone have any advice or suggestions that have worked for their autistic child with sleep issues?  His dr. will not medicate as he is too young, and I am in agreement with this right now.  But I can't go on two hours asleep every night and either can he.  I appreciate feedback as soon as possible.  Thank you.
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Ugh, I know you posted this in February -- so am wondering how it is going.  Is he sleeping any better?  Did I tell you (trying to remember) about the nesting concept?  Building or placing things all around the edge of his bed snuggling him in.  It is soothing to a lot of kids --  like a little nest.  Also, a weighted blanket.  My son had trouble with sleep on and off and we got a weighted blanket just this past Christmas.  Oh my gosh, he loves it and is sleeping better.  The more weight the better (his is 35 pounds!)  I can pm you where I got it from as I really can't say enough good things about that blanket.  Anyway, hope it is going okay and sorry I didn't see this!
Hi, It's okay, :-)  Well we just started using clonidine, and hoping for the best.  He is not a fan of blankets to begin with but yes I've considered trying that as well.  We do put all the pillows snuggled up to him when he sleeps.  But its been a challenge, we haven't had good consistent sleep since November 2015.
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