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Down syndrome and aggression

Our son Adam is 17 years old and was born with Down syndrome. It has always been a battle with behavior with Adam, mostly because of him being an attention response, whether it be good or bad attention. He has always been know to be passive, just a real clown. Something changed in the last 8 weeks. All was well and all of a sudden he has become very aggressive. There doesn't seem to be no trigger, like changes in routines, being sick, or being told "No' to something. These (I call them episodes) have no triggers and he doesn''t even seem to realize he has done them. After the aggression he looks like " What happened look" and never seem to have remorse or any trigger to set it off. Some things he has done just to name a few are.
1- Throwing a TV remote to my face
2- Threw a small juice jug to his dad's head while coming down the stairs
3- Breaking toy with lots of force
4- stomping while walking with fist closed, Like he is mad
5- destroying toys he loved, like breaking off all the keys on his keyboard, his favorite cars and so on
6- flipping tables
7- will grab our finger or hand and tries to twist it, like he wants to break it and seems to enjoy doing it.

there are more incidents too many to list. It has been hell at home right now and we are on the preventive mode, meaning we now only use plastic utensils and dishes in case he throws one at anyone. We never go down the stairs first or stand in front of him for fear of him pushing us down the stairs. He seems confused after the episodes. He has been on Celexa and Respiradone now for almost a year and his Psychiatrist has now double his Respiradone to decrease the agitation. We do have 3 people in the family with Bi-Polar and one who is Schizophrenic. We just had a full assessment done by his behavior therapist and are waiting to see his doctor.  
I was wondering if anyone else have had the same type of aggression with their child with special needs. As it is I am thinking they are thinking Schizophrenic or Bi-Polar. We really need to find some answers as Adam is a big boy, almost 200 pds, and we really don;t want anyone getting hurt including himself.
I would appreciate any input. Thank You.

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