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Help plz:(

Hello all,

Plz I'm looking for a good center for children of special needs in the states. Any idea? & it can accept children who're not from the US.

My brother's case as a special need child is getting worse.

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What kind of disability does he have? Are you looking for a hospital or a therapy clinic? The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN is a wonderful hospital that people from all over the world visit.
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Thanks alot my dear

I really appreciate your help.

Thanks again
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He needs more diagnosis & tests. All we know,
he has less oxygen in brain & that causes him
speech delay. We have no idea what type of school he should
attend & how to deal with him in term of education & behaviour..he'd been to different schools but didn't stay for long.
Too much into electronics...24 hours!!

Wish to get things better soon
Thanx again
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I'll arrange an appointment with Mayo Clinic soon.
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What do you mean by he is into electronics? Are you saying that he likes to play video games and the computer or that he needs electronic devices in order to be healthy? If he is just using electronic toys too much then you just need to lay down the law and say "no." Make a schedule if need be and enable parental controls.
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He plays with electronics non-stop! We tried with him lots of strategies.. didn't help:(
That affected his morning speech sessions & going to school..because sometimes he plays with
laptop till 2 or 3am!!! & can't get up on time next morning for speech session or school..
It's getting worse, his case! You can't believe how hard it is for the whole family! :(
That's why we need more tests done on him & we need more understanding for such case.

Thanks alot
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BTW, is there a special magazine "monthly or weekly" magazine that is concerned about special needs?

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You can lock the computer so he can't use it. If he throws a fit oh well. Many children do not understand how to stop using electronics. That is quite common. You are the adult so you make the rules, you decide how much time he gets on the laptop. I wouldn't take it away completely, but start making strict limits. Obsessive use of electronics is not necessarily indicative of a developmental problem. It can be, but it is easy for people to get wrapped up in what they are doing and take it too far.  
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Thanks alot for your discussions & yes I did read your posts on your daughter..I liked them all; very true & thoughtful..

All the best
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