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My baby 9 mths old son is underweight

Hi iam sneha from india  , my son aged 9 mths old  is under weight and has reduced 140 grms compare to the last month weight , doc has adviced me to wait for 2 weeks and still if his weight has nt  gained he has to under go several test , iam really worried abt him kindly guide me how will i make him to gain his weight , please provide me with the diet  chart and kindly guide me  on whjat are the reasion does infants loose weight  waiting for the reply  thank you
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my sister had a daughter who was not gaining enough weight around 9 months.  They tested to see if she had a thyroid problem and other things.  Nothing was wrong.  They finally figured out my sister might not have been producing enough milk with breastfeeding, maybe it tapered off early or something.  They started my niece on formula and when she started eating baby food (pureed foods and oatmeal and that sort of thing), she started gaining.  If a thyroid is overactive, it can cause children to lose weight.  Weight has to match up with height, so if he's taller he needs to weigh more, and if he's less tall he doesn't need to weigh as much.  You really should get the growthchart from the doctor.  Not sure what your internet connection is like in India, so not sure if you can google easily.  I found a web site googling growth charts for infants/toddlers, and found the address for boy's chart:  (I had trouble finding decent sized one that was large enough to read, sorry)

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