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My son at 7 years can't read or write.

I'm very concerned about my son he is 7 years old and he can't read or write. He also has a speech problem. He was evaluated at school and they told us he had a learning disability. Sometimes I get very frustated because I don't know what else to do to help him. He is receiving help at school but I don't see any progress in him. Please help.
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What are you doing at home to reinforce what is being done at school? There must be effort put in throughout all facets of his life if progress is to be made. Please do not think that I am assuming you are doing notihng - I am not. It is easier to offer assistance if all efforts are known...then I can perhaos offer other suggestions.

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hi, I'm an occupational therapist. as pennst8r I want to know what you do at home. does he have occupational therapy in his program? if yes what is the therapist is working on?
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From what you wrote about the not being able to read, it sounds to me like dyslexia. I've heard that the Susan Barton reading programs can help children whom have reading difficulties. This program is usually not used by schools.

What aspect of writing does he have trouble with? Is it the fine motor, expressive or spelling. If it's the fine motor he might have dysgraphia. If this is part of his struggles you should request to have him tested by an occupational therapist. If it more expressive, request in writing that the school administer the TOWL ( Test Of Written Language). If it's only the spelling it's most likely part of the dyslexia.

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I do not know what to do my son is eight and we moved from england to Africa for my job three years ago. My son and daughter attend private school. My daughter is 9 and doing well at school. My son is 8 and can't read or write independently. We have limited resources here what can i do to teach him to read

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my son is 7 years old and he does not talk unless he likes something or gets excited but then it is one word like he mikes said, dad out blue then he says nothing for a while. what can I do to get him to try talking?
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