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PDD - Adderall and Tics

My 6yr old son was diagnosed borderline ADHD.  He also has PDD-NOS.  Two months ago, he was given Adderall and Clonitin to help w/ADHD however, we had to stop the Clonitin since it lowered his heart rate and was making him very ill.  We continued w/Adderall (1/3 of the time release capsule)sprinkled over apple sauce only ONCE a day.  My son is extremely sensitive to medications.  Now he has developed these tics -- he licks everything and I mean everything; he also clocks like a chicken!  The kids don't want to be around him, the teachers complain about the noise.  He never had any tics before.  He was diagnosed w/PDD-NOS because he would not speak and his gross/fine motor skills very weak.  Is it the medicine?  Are we making are children sicker w/all these medications?  They help him "be still" and "focused" but they "bring out" "other demons."  What can I do?  Should we stop the adderall.  He improved tremendously w/diet change.  We found out he was allergic to dairy; but doctor recommended Adderall for his ADHD.  We previously tried Ritalin as well, but he would cry uncontrollably and would be very mean!  Help!!!
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Are you really sure your son has ADHD?  Since the Ritalin and Adderall seem to be causing problems and not improving your son's health, I wonder if the doctor is treating the wrong disorder.  By the way, what is Clonitin?
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PDD-NOS can have some ADHD - like symptoms. You are saying that teachers are complaining - does he have any help at school? Are they teaching him to sit down and pay attention? In my child's school (he is 4), they use behavioral methods in order to get him to "sit and concentrate" - reward systems, choices, fidget toys. A very good psych I know says that effects, long term and short term of all these meds, are not studies in young children.

What is his main ADHD issue? Aggression? Concentration? What about PDD? I am a firm beleiver in behavioral methods as they seem to work, it just takes long time

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