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Perspectives on Medication

Hi, I am a teacher in a special needs classroom. I would like to hear different perspectives on medications for children with exceptionalities.

What is your philosophy on pharmacological interventions?

If you do use them, are they for sleep?
Which ones do you use?
Was it a trial and error to be successful?
How long did it take to see results?

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this and respond.

Your comments will help me broach a potentially sensitive subject with many of my students' parents.

Thank you
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I personally believe medication should be the final step and only given if essential for the CHILD to feel better.  Not to make them conform better because 504 plans should offer help to a child in terms of environment and things that the school/teacher can do FOR the child to make it better.  

So often teachers/schools take away recess time and gym time.  Sometimes on purpose which is problematic (compounds the problem) but often just because it is seen as interfering with learning time.  But I contend that a lot of physical activity improves learning, behavior, conformity.  

So, I'd rather see more of that added in and less medication.

But medication is at times needed.  If it allows a child to FEEL better, then it's the right choice.  

Hope that helps
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