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Piracetam :(:(

Need to know,

My 11 yrs brother was given 'Piracetam' & I should give it to him twice a day for six months.

That's after MRI test showed that he has less oxygen in brain.. and as I told the doctor that my brother becomes so naughty and screams when gets angry. I told him also that taking my brother to bed is not easy sometimes!!

My question is:
Is there any  way I can follow the oxygen-brain matter?? rather than the MRI?
Do I have really to carry on & give him Piracetam syrup? Well, this syrup did nothing for help!!!

Are there other things I should do with my brother regarding the Oxygen problem?? Because I'v been giving him the medicine since 3 months & feeling guilty:( i mean he's syrup for nothing:(

Plz help & let me know how I can do!
Thanks alot
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