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Recently Diagnosed with PDD-NOS

Hi my son is 8 years old and was diagnosed about a week and a half ago with PDD-NOS over all.  He also evidently has ADHD and ODD.  The psychiatrist explained that he has a High Function Autism.  I have been looking up and reading what ever I could on the internet about this so far.  I have run into a lot of interesting resources.  Ever since he could crawl I have always had to be right there on his heels to keep him from doing unintentionally harmful things.  At 8 years old I still have to go outside with him when he wants to play to make sure he doesn't run into the road with out looking and to keep him from talking to any stranger who walks by our house.  He is going to be medicated for ADHD and later on receive medication that is given to schitzophrenics to blunt his impulses and his chewing on everything (including cords plugged into walls, wooden blocks that he splinters, shirts he puts holes in, toys, window blinds, pillows and blankets, etc....) I have questions regarding SSI and if I should attempt to apply for benefits for him. I have seen on other sites that parents do receive SSI for their children with special needs.  I haven't even quite got the ball rolling for him yet other than a diagnosis and a prescription that he can not begin taking until it is ordered a week and a half from now.  Where should I go from here?  How can I get my son the most amount of help available to him?  I currently home school him.  I have home schooled him since kindergarten because he kept coming up missing in in school.  He is now in 2nd grade.  His grade is falling and I am just having so much difficulty schooling him that I very much need advice on what type of school he should be in and how to best get him the services he needs like speech therapy and social therapy.  I have a 1 and a 2 year old as well and I am just getting burnt out trying to do school with him.  His comprehension is low and his aggression and defiance is high.  His workload seems enormous for his disabilities and right now he does not yet have an IEP.  ANY advice would be greatly appreciated.  

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My son has PDD as well and has since age 2.5. He is now 3.5 and is doing much better. There are many schools for autism for preschool and esp school age. Go to: www.autismhelpforyou.org ....www.autismlink.com....www.autism.com....www.autism.org. go to google and search for autism. then on all of these sites, you can do searches for schooling.
also, you should look into biomedical supplements and treatments. My son has not had a single prescription other than supplements of amino acids, vitamins and epsom salts. go to this website and print out the packet...it is about 20 pages but goes over everything.... the web site is: http://www.autism.com/treatable/adams_biomed_summary.pdf
Good luck!
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Hi My son is 3.5 now. I joined a Meditation, called Sahaja yoga which they teach for free. I take my son also and the meditation calmed him so much. Some time its only me doing the mediation but I can see my son getting calmer. checkout at www.sahajayoga.org to find the nearest center. It takes time, cures itsself ,but very powerful, mindcalming and increases the attention span.

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What state are you in? There are many resources for children with autism. I have worked with special needs kids and adults for over 20 years and may be able to help you locate some.

Your question re SSI - your income is counted in determining eligibility until age 18. It does not hurt to apply. After age 18, the child is eligible regardless of your income

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