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Since My son lost his vision, he wont eat anything

Hello, my son was diagnosed with diabetes Insispidus when he was only a few months old. His only affect to this diagnoses is that his body cannot retain water in his body, so he takes meds so that he doesnt dehydrate. At the age of 2 he lost his vision. Doctors diagnosed his with septo-optic displasia and nystagmus. Since then he refused any type of food, even the food he enjoyed before this tragedy occured.  His pediatrician has since put him on pediasure. My son is now 5 and still very stubborn when it comes to feeding. I still do try everyday but I get discouraged and feel like a bad parent. Sometimes I make progress and he will open his mouth just a little and i can get him to eat a little bit of bannana pudding. I just dont know if maybe hes bored with puree baby foods, but I dont know what else to try. He also has a mild speech delay, he recieves PT, OT, Speech, and vision services.
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don't give up! try new foods and don't get discouraged. your son is 5 right it sounds you been doing everything to help him right! don't feel like a bad parent i can understan how you feel i feel the same way when i cant understan what my son want.My son is speech delay and has some hearing loss more on one ear.
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yes as said before dont give up i have a son who is blind due to other problems. it was very hard to get him eating the food we ate. i started by letting him hold the fruits and veggies before they were cooked and it seemed to help me a lot. with the fruits there are those plastics fruits that have have that powered candy in it you can get them at any corner store depending on where you live. but i would let him play with them them stick his finger in the sugar and gradually started to give him the real thing. i started this process at a very early age so today he eats like a champ. he eats steak, seafood, pasta,etc. you name it i cant keep enough food in the house.
this may take a while dont get discouraged and never think you are a bad parent because dealing with the blind is a full time job.hope this was helpful and good luck.
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